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How to transfer music from Zune to iTunes

“How to transfer music from Zune to iTunes? I’m planning on purchasing an iPod Touch 5 this week. I currently own an Zune HD, and I am wondering if can i transfer my songs from Zune to iTunes.”      —— Answers Yahoo

Besides storing music, photos and videos, Zune also allows you to transfer saved media files to different workstations in your office, as well as use them in meetings and lectures. However, it maybe not the case when you need to manage your Zune music in iTunes.

Some music downloaded from Zune are in non-DRM MP3 format while most are in DRM-protected WMA format. For the DRM free MP3 files, you can put them to iTunes library without limitations. However, you can’t transfer DRM-protected WMA songs directly to iTunes directly.

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