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How to transfer files from iPod to Mac

“How to transfer files from iPod to Mac? I have recently purchased a MacBook Pro and my old computer just crashed. Now I would like to transfer my music from my IPod to My Mac. I just dont know how. Can I get some help?”      —— Answers Yahoo

You can easily transfer photos and captured videos in your iPod Camera Roll to Mac. But you can’t transfer music and videos directly from iPod to Mac. What you need is a professional iPod to Mac Transfer.

Wondershare TunesGo for Mac is a powerful iPod to Mac Transfer that can fast and best transfer music, videos, photos, TV shows, music videos, Podcasts, iTunes U, audiobook and voicemail from iPod to Mac. It can also transfer music, videos and photos from iPhone/iPad to Mac.

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How to transfer files from iPod to computer

“How to transfer files from iPod to computer? I have an iPod which was synced to my laptop with all its itunes data on that laptop. My laptop had a problem and it had to get completely wiped. Now I have an iPod with all my files on it. The question is how do I copy all the content from my iPod to my computer?”      —— Answers Yahoo

Although iTunes is very good at keeping a computer-based library synchronized to an iPod automatically, or for manually transferring files from iTunes library onto your iPod, it provides extremely limited functionality for transferring information in the opposite direction—from your iPod back to your computer.

Therefore, in order to transfer files from iPod to computer, you’d better get a professional iPod Transfer. Here, you can turn to Wondershare TunesGo for Windows which can transfer files such as muisc, videos, photos etc from iPod to computer and transfer files from computer to iPod as well.

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How to transfer music, photos, videos between iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac

Do you want to transfer your music, videos and photos etc from your iDevice iPhone, iPhone, iPod to your Mac for backup? Do you need to transfer your files back from your Mac to your iDevice? Do you want to manage your favourite files on your iDevice? Do you want to do all these without iTunes?

Then, you come to the right place.Wondershare TunesGo for Mac is just the one you need. With it, you can not only transfer music, videos and photos from iPhone, iPad, iPod to Mac, but also transfer music, videos and photos from Mac to iDevice as well.

Besides, you can also use TunesGo for Mac to fully manage music, videos and photos on iPhone, iPad and iPod. such as transfer music and playlists on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad directly to your iTunes Library with ratings, play counts & skips,create new playlists on iPhone, iPod and iPad with drag and drop, add media files from Mac or deleted files from your iDevices etc.

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