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How to import MP4 to iMovie for free editing

“I’m trying to import a MP4 video to iMovie. But whenever I import it the first frame freezes and the whole video just becomes that whole frame, the sound still works, but the moving picture is what I really need. I’m looking for a good solution. This is very important for me so any help would be much appreciated.”    —— Answers Yahoo

For Mac users, iMovie is a free video editing program to edit videos on Mac. You can free edit MOV, MP4 videos in iMovie. However, people still have problems when they try to import MP4 to iMovie for editing. Why?

This is because MP4 is a container file format which may contain different types of codecs, and iMovie can only edit MP4 videos in codec of MPEG-4 or H.264. If you have MP4 videos in other codecs, then it is maybe impossible for you to transfer MP4 to iMovie.

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