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How to transfer files from iPhone to computer

“I am pretty sure this question has been asked many times but i was looking for the cheapest and simplest (step by step) way to transfer the content from my iPhone to my newly purchased computers. any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks!”      —— Forums iMore

Manage files between an iPhone and a computer can be a surprisingly challenging and frustrating task. However, there are still many ways to transfer files from iPhone to computer. You can either do it via iTunes or use some third-party program.

If you still have problem when transferring files from iPhone to computer, you can turn to iPhone to Computer Transfer which can help you best and fast transfer files such as photos, videos, music, playlists, podcasts, TV shows, iTunes U, ringtones and audio book etc from iPhone to computer.

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How to transfer text messages from iPhone to computer

“How to transfer text messages from iPhone to computer? Is there something to download online to transfer my text from my iphone to my mac computer? ive tried some but cant get them to work? Please help i need something?”   —— Answers Yahoo

Have you ever delete or lost your text messages for various reasons? Do you need to get more room for new files? Then, why not backup your text messages from your iPhone to Mac? Right, it is an ideal way that can not only prevent messages lost, but also it is a good way to make room for new files.

To transfer text messages from iPhone to computer, it is advised to get a iPhone to Mac Transfer. Here, you can get Wondershare Dr .Fone for iOS and Dr. Fone for iOS (Mac) to transfer messages from iPhone to Windows and Mac.

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How to transfer voicemail from iPhone to computer

“How to transfer voicemail from iPhone to computer? My friend met one of my favorite celebrities and had them call me and leave me a voicemail.So I was wondering if their was a way to like send the voicemail as audio to my email or save it to my computer somehow. I have an iPhone 5c and a windows computer.”      —— Answers Yahoo

Voicemail is s a computer based system that allows users and subscribers to exchange personal voice messages. Most cell phone services offer voice-mail as a basic features.Voicemail messages expire after a certain period of time These “expired” messages are deleted automatically from the servers of the phone company and they cannot be recovered.

However, if you’ve paid for visual Voicemail, you can download your Voicemail messages from the server to your iPhone, so that can hear it anywhere and anytime. Also, when you accidentally deleted or lost them on your iPhone, you can still recover them with a professional iPhone Data Recovery.

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