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Phone to Phone Transfer for Mac, transfer files between Android and iOS on Mac

“How to transfer files from Android to iPhone? So I want to switch from Android to iPhone. I love the though of an iPhone but the only thing that really bothers me is that I’ll loss my music. Is it possible to transfer my existing music from my Android to an iPhone.”     —— Answers Yahoo

“How to transfer files from iPhone to Android? I currently have an iPhone, but I’ve been considering getting an Android. My only concern is that I have a lot if music through iTunes. Is there any way to transfer music from iTunes onto an Android device?      —— Answers Yahoo

No matter you want to switch from Android to iOS or iOS to Android, one thing that you need to consider is how to transfer files between your Android and iOS devices. As you how, they are running on different OS, it is may be impossible to transfer files between them directly.

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