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How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone

“How to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another? I recently just purchased another iPhone. I’m having a problem trying to figure out how to transfer my iPhone contacts from my old one to my new one. I don’t wanna manually put it them in.”      —— Answers Yahoo

You can transfer all your contacts or specific groups of contacts using iCloud or iTunes. However, if you don’t backup with your iCloud or iTunes, things maybe complicated. Besides, syncing contacts with your computer using iTunes may result in duplicated contacts if those contacts are alreay on your computer.

The fastest and easiest way to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone is to get a iPhone to iPhone Transfer. Here, it is advised to get Wondershare TunesGo which can fast transfer contacts as well as messages, videos, photos and music from one iPhone to another.

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Fast and best transfer files from iPhone to iPhone

“How to transfer files from old iPhone to new iPhone? My aunt had an iphone4 and I’ve backed up the icloud storage and back up. She now has the iPhone 5C and wants everything from iPhone 4 on it like contacts and photos. She has been using iPhone 5C for months now and has new photos and apps on it. How can get iPhone 4 information on the iPhone 5C without losing the new photos, apps and contacts on iPhone 5C?”     —– Answers Yahoo

When Apple releases a new iPhone, many iPhone fans are rush up to get the new iPhone. And then, they will face a problem. How to transfer files from their old iPhone to new iPhone? With many files on your old iPhone, it is really troublesome and time consuming to get files from old iPhone to new iPhone.

Then, why not go on a shortcut? Indeed, there is an easier way. You can find a iPhone to iPhone Transfer to help you transfer files from one iPhone to another. And this is waht Wondershare MobileTrans can do.

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