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How to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone

“When ever I think of buying Apple Iphone I was worried about my text messages in Android Mobile. I am afraid I couldn’t able to find any application which helps me transfer all my text messages from  Android to Apple iPhone. Why can’t Apple give provide an option to import text messaes (SMS’s) from other platform mobiles where this feature the users like me who love to use all variety of platforms. Anybody Please tell me how to do?”   — Apple Discussion

According to a new study by CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners)  21% of new iPhone buyers were switching from the Android platform in September this year. In the same month in 2012 when the iPhone 5 launched, 16% of new iPhone buyers switched over from Android.

As we all know, IOS devices is not allowed to direct transfer data to the other devices, and also don’t allow other devices to transmit data to the IOS device. Then, how can we transfer text messages from Android to iPhone when we decide to switch from Android to iPhone. Then, you may need a Android to iPhone Transfer.

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