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Two ways to recover deleted voice memos from iPhone 5S

“How to recover deleted voice memos from iPhone 5S? I recorded a voice memo on my 5S and went to save it. I accidentally pressed the delete button instead of the done button when I renamed it so technically it never got saved. Can I retrieve it?”      —— Answers Yahoo

iPhone 5S is currently the latest version of iPhone before iPhone 6. And many people have switched from their old iPhone to iPhone 5S. However, you may lose your voice memo by accidental deleting or other reasons. As their is no “undelete” button on your iPhone 5S, you may need to get a professional iPhone Data Recovery to retrieve deleted iPhone voice memos.

Wondershare Dr. Fone for iOS is a powerful iPhone Data Recovery that can restore deleted voice memos as well as other files such as videos, photos, contacts, messages, notes, reminder, call history, calender, voicemail, Whatsapp chat history, Sarafi bookmark, App photos, App videos and App documents etc from iPhone 5S with iTunes backup or iCloud backup.

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How to recover deleted voice memos from iPhone

“I accidently deleted my voice memos on my iPhone, I am using iTunes on two computers and my voice memos are gone. iTunes asked me if I want to erase all my files on my iphone when i connected it to my second computer. I clicked yes and all of my very important voice memos were deleted. Does anyone know how to retrieve my lost voice memos. Please help!  —- Apple Discussion If you had these voice memos on your iPhone when you last synced it to your first computer, and if you haven’t synced to this computer since then, you could restore from the backup created during your last sync. Of course, you can retrieve your deleted voices memos from your latest iTunes backup. If you never sync data with iTunes. Then, don;t worry, you can still recover your deleted voice memeo from your iPhone with a professional iPhone Data Recovery Software. Continue reading