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How to recover deleted contacts from Android

“How to recover deleted contacts from Android? I have lost all of my contacts in on my android phone. It has erased the contacts from my phone contact list as well. How can I recover the contacts from my Android?”    —— Answers Yahoo

When you deleted your contacts from your Android, they were not really gone, but only marked as useless on your Android phone and could be overwritten by new data. You just need to stop using your Android phone and then get a professional Android Data Recovery as soon as possible.

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How to recover deleted files from Android

“How to recover deleted files from Android? Any tips on how to recover data that was deleted from an Android phone? I’m trying to recover data from my son’s phone that was intentionally deleted by someone else?”        —— Answers Yahoo

Apart from Apple iPhone, iPad, Android devices are the most popular mobile devices especially Samsung devices such as Samsung Galaxy S4/S3, Samsung tablet and the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

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