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How to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone

“How to transfer photos from one iPhone to the other? I have over 12,000+ pictures on my iPhone 4S and I am getting an iPhone 5s and I’m worried about my pictures being lost. How do I transfer them from one iPhone to another?”     —– Answers Yahoo

From 2007, every year, Apple will release at least one iPhone. In the past 2013, Apple has released two new iPhones, iPhone 5S and 5C. After the release of these two iPhones, many people dropped their old iPhone and get the new iPhone 5S or 5C.

After switching from old iPhone to new iPhone, there is one thing you need to do is to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone. If you have not so many photos, then, you can transfer photos from iPhone to another with iTunes, However, even with it, you can only transfer photos in camera roll.

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