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How to delete music on iPad

“How to delete music off iPad? I have songs i don’t like anymore and I want them off. I’v tried to swipe to the left or right but its not working.So is there a way i can delete them off my iPad?”      —— Answers Yahoo

Want to delete unwanted music on your iPad? Normally, you can delete them on your iPad by choosing the music you need to delete and swipe from right to left across the songs you would like to delete to reveal the delete button and then delete them. However, sometimes, it may not work due to some reasons.

Then, to delete music from iPad, you need to find another way. Here, you can turn to Wondershare TunesGo for Windows which can help you delete multiple songs on your iPad/iPhone/iPod running on iOS on Windows.

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How to delete music on iPod

“How to delete music off my iPod? I just got an ipod from my cousin since she got a new one. I have never had an iPod before and she gave me nothing with it except the cord and the iPod. i like some of the music already on it. so how do i delete the songs i dont like?    —– Answers Yahoo

Having so many music on your iPod, it is sometimes necessary to delete some unwanted songs in order to make room for new music. The most frequently talked method is to use iTunes to delete songs on your iPod.

You can either use iTunes to remove songs by deleting music folders on your computer and then syncing music to your iPod, in this way, you may lose your favorite songs. or you can manually manage your iPod in iTunes, you can delete songs or playlists one by one, however, you may still fail to delete songs on iPod.

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How to delete songs on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

“How to delete songs off iPhone? So i want to get rid of songs. I do the thing where you slide the song from right to left and press the delete button but the songs always come back. how do i get rid of it on my iPhone 5S”     —— Answers Yahoo

After the release of iOS 7, many people upgraded their devices to iOS 7. With the brand new OS, many people are not familiar with it, and have problems with it. One of the most frequent discussed problems is that how to deleted songs on iOS 7 iPhone.

iOS 7 support the following Apple devices, iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4, iPod Touch 5, iPad Air/iPad 4/iPad 3/iPad 2, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini. And there are generally two ways to help you delete songs on iOS 7 iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

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How to delete music on iPhone in an easy way

“How to delete songs on iPhone? Every time I manually delete it from my computer and iTunes library, every time I sync it, iTunes puts the deleted purchases back into my phone? How do I delete songs off my phone?”   —– Answers Yahoo

Many people like to enjoy music on iPhone, however, multiple songs on iPhone may take up many space. And it is sometimes necessary to delete some songs off your iPhone to free up some space to store other files,

Then, you many need a program to help you do it. Luckily enough, you can always turn to Wondershare TunesGo which can help you delete music on iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS as well as other iDevice like iPad, iPod etc.

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