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How to convert videos to HTML5

“Is there anyway to convert videos to HTML5 for my website? I want to upload videos to my website, but the videos must be HTML5 format. How can I make it? Is there any way to convert my videos to HTML5?”      —— Answers Yahoo

We are in the midst of a revolution, one that will end with virtually all online video being hosted in the HTML5 format. While there are still many websites that host video in Flash, nearly all new development projects are HTML5-focused, leaving you with finding a way to easily convert your videos to HTML5.

Don’t worry, you can turn to Easy HTML5 Video which convert almost all videos including the latest .HEVC (H.265),.VP9 (Google VP9) to (WebM, OGG and MP4) HTML5 files for browsers like IE, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera etc and iOS and Android devices as well.

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