How to transfer files from iPod to iPod

“How to transfer my iPod files to another iPod? I’m going to get a new iPod touch and would like to transfer the files from my old one to the new one. Can you tell me how to do this on Windows?       —— MakeUseOf

Maybe you’ve bought a new iPod and want to quickly put music on it from your old one or want to transfer music from your friend’s iPod to yours without losing the music you’ve already put on there.

The most common way discussed online is to transfer files from iPod to iPod with iTunes, however, the music on your old iPod might be deleted during the process of synchronizing. Besides, it is also time consuming.

The most easy and safe way to transfer your files from iPod to iPod is to turn to a third-party iPod to iPod Transfer. Then, you can turn to Wondershare MobileTrans for Windows and MobileTrans for Mac which can transfer music as well as other files such as videos, photos, contacts, messages etc from iPod to iPod on Windows and Mac.

Step by step to transfer files from iPod to iPod

Step 1: Connect your two iPods to computer

Run MobileTrans, click “Start” to enter “Phone to Phone Transfer” window. Then, connect your iPods to the computer. After two iPods are connected, MobileTrans will detect them directly, and you will see the following interface:

ipod to ipod photo transfer

Tips: To transfer files from iPod to another, you need to install iTunes on your computer.

Step 2: Transfer files from iPod to iPod

Data can be transferred from your iPod are listed in the middle, such as contacts, messages, photos, videos and music etc.Just mark the those that you need to transfer, and click “Start Copy” to copy transfer from one iPod to the other.

ipod to ipod photo transfer

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