How to transfer apps from iPhone to iPad

“How to transfer apps from iPhone to iPad? I feel pretty silly that I can’t figure this out. I’ll blame it on being so dazzled by the iPad which I just got recently. How do I transfer apps I’ve already purchased from iTunes from my iPhone to the iPad? Many thanks.”    —-MacRumors

Since the iPad can run most iPhone apps, many people want to transfer apps from their iPhone to iPad. While, the common ways to do it is to use iTunes or iCloud. These required that you backup your iPhone and iPad with iTunes or iCloud.

Then, what can you do if you didn’t make backup with iTunes or iCloud. Is there any way to transfer apps from iPhone to iPad without iTunes or iCloud. Actually, there is.

AppTrans is the only iOS app transfer for moving apps bewteen all iOS devices, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. With it, you can immediately transfer iPhone, iPad and iPod touch apps without backup them onto iTunes first. It also comes in handy if you are out of network connection to process the iCloud backup.

Tips: If you are a Mac user, you can turn to AppTrans for Mac.

Step by step to transfer apps from iPhone to iPad with AppTrans

Step 1: Connect your iPhone and iPad to the computer

Run AppTrans, and connect your iPhone and iPad to the computer. You will see the following interface:

AppTrans On-line Help 1

Step 2: Transfer apps from iPhone to iPad

Choose Apps in left list window and click “Transfer Select App to Right” or select from right window and click “Transfer Select App to Left”.

AppTrans On-line Help 3

Note: AppTrans has three modes to transfer your Apps:

  • Only transfer App program (Only the App installer and no user files)
  • Only transfer App data (Including game progress, user files and settings but no App installer)
  • Transfer whole App program and data

Once transfer begins, you’ll see below progress window. As the entire progress includes both file transferring and App installation, so the transfer time will largely depend on the size of select Apps.

AppTrans On-line Help 4

Note that if your Apps use multiple Apple IDs, you need to verify them before using.

AppTrans On-line Help 4

Warning: AppTrans can only used to transfer and backup Apps that you downloaded or purchased from iTunes. You cannot get Apps from other sources or people.


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