How to recover deleted Word document on Mac

“How to recover a Word document on Mac? I just want to point out I am sleep deprived in advance. I was working on my research paper and I wrote three pages. I know I should have pressed Save throughout the time I was writing it but I didn’t. I had three other Word documents open, and I was closing my research paper thinking I was closing another one.

So I clicked Do Not Save when asked about the changes made on the document. I immediately realized what happened, and I am now freaking out. Is there anyway to recover the three pages that I wrote? I am using Microsoft Word 2011 on Macbook OS X.”      —— Answers Yahoo

You may delete or lost your Word document for various reasons. Lucily enough, your deleted Word document are not lost permanently, it still exist on your Mac, therefore, you still have chance to recover them using a professional Data Recovery for Mac such as iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac.

iSkysoft Word Document Recovery for Mac can recover all kinds of files include Word (pages), Excel (numbers), PPT (keynotes) etc office documents; all video, audio, image files etc due to deleting, formatting, or other unknown reasons on Mac.

Tips: If you need to recover deleted documents on Windows, you can turn to Word Document Recovery for Windows.

Step by step to recover deleted Word document on Mac

Step 1: Choose a mode to recover Word document on Mac

Download, install and run Word Document Recovery for Mac. It is advised to try Lost Data Recovery first, it can quickly recover lost Word Document from emptied trash, deletion by Command + Del, and formatted drives etc. on Mac if you can’t find your Word Document, then try Raw Data Recovery mode.

recover deleted word document on mac

Step 2: Select a drive and the “Document” file type to scan lost Word documents

Select the drive where you lost your files and choose “Document” from “Select File Type” list to find out accurate results. If your drive is not in the list, click “Refresh Drives”  and it will appear. Then click “Scan” on the top left corner to start scan.

Enable Deep Scan: if you can’t find the lost or deleted Word documents, please turn on Enable Deep Scan mode which will recover more data but also will cost more time.

recover unsaved document on mac

Step 3: Preview and recover deleted Word document on Mac

You can preview the scanned Word document during scanning, so, if you find the deleted or lost Word document you can click “pause” or just stop the scan process, select the recovered Word files checkbox and the “Recover” button on the top will be activated at the same time, click “Recover” to restore the lost/deleted Word document on Mac.

If you scan out many documents, you can use filter such as time, document size, file name, modified time, created time etc. to help you find out your lost Word documents.

When you click “Recover”, the program will allow you to select a path to save the Word document,

Tips; Please don’t choose the drive where you lost the Word document, external drives are highly recommended.

word document recovery on mac

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