How to recover deleted photos from digital camera

“How to recover deleted photos from my digital camera? I have taken few photos during my holiday with my digital camera. It is terrifying that I accidentally lost all photos from my camera. Is it possible to retrieve lost pictures from digital camera? Thanks”.   —- Answers Yahoo

Sometimes, you photos may get lost if you accidently deleted photos from your digital camera or format the memory card of digital camera. It is really very sad to get your favourite photos lost or deleted. Then, is there any way to recover deleted photos from digital camera?

In fact, when you deleted the photos from digital camera memory card, the photo itself will not be deleted immediately. Instead, system will only mark the space as free so that when new picture is taken, the space can be used to save the new picture. Therefore, if you didn’t new photos or video clips after deleting happens, you can still recover the deleted photos with some third-party data recovery program.

Luckily enough, we get Wondershare Photo Recovery which is powerful enough for you to recover deleted photos from digital cameras such as Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Nikon, Kodak, Samsung etc. Besides, it can also recover deleted videos and audios from digital cameras, computer hard drive, USB drive, external hard drive and other storage media.

Tips: You can either get Photo Recovery for Windows and Photo Recovery for Mac depending on the type of computer you are using. And below, we will take Photo Recovery for Mac as an example to show you how to recover deleted photos from digital camera on Mac.

Simple guide to recover deleted photos from digital camera

Step 1: Select a recovery mode

Download, install and run Photo Recovery for Mac. And then, choose “Lost File Recovery”, to recover all photos deleted from digital camera, Mac hard drive, external hard drive, iPod, and mobile phone etc.

If this mode doesn’t work, then switch to “Raw Recovery” mode to have a try.

camera memory card recovery

Step 2: Select location & file type to scan

To recover deleted photos emptied from the Trash on your Mac, select the main Macintosh HD. To recover from digital camera memory card, connect the memory card of you digital camera to your computer first and select it here.

Then you can select the file types that you are about to recover. There are Photo, Music and Video for your selection. You can choose any one of them or scan all of them by choosing “All Files”.

camera card recovery

Step 3: Recovery deleted photos from digital camera

After the scan, all recoverable files are displayed in the scanning result. You can preview the photos one by one and check those you want to get and click “Recover”. Choose a location and save them on your computer.

ddr digital camera recovery

Tips: Don’t save the recovered photos on the original disk or device again, because new files will overwrite the lost files. If there is any files missing, you still have the second chance to scan and recover them.

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