How to recover deleted files from SD Card

“How to recover deleted files on SD Card? I had a file on an SD card, went on my camera and accidently deleted it. Any way i could get it back? Thanks.”    —– Answers Yahoo

SD or Secure Digital is a non-volatile memory card format used to store and transfer information between digital cameras, mobile phones, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and even small computers. It is inserted into the side of the digital device and it stores pictures, videos, ring tones, documents and contacts etc.

When you deleted or lost files by accident, please don’t worry, it won’t erase the real data that saved on your SD card,  but was still stored on the precious sectors of the disk on your SD card until it was overwriten by new data with professional Data Recovery.

Here, it is advised to use Wondershare Photo Recovery which is a professional SD Card Recovery which uses the advanced algorithms to scan your SD card, search and recover your deleted files such as photos, videos, music, documents etc from SD Card of various storage devices.


Tips: If you are using a Mac computer, you can turn to Photo Recovery for Mac.

Step by step to recover deleted files from SD Card

Step 1: Connect SD Card to the computer

Connect your SD card to the computer. And then, download, install and run Photo Recovery. Click “Start” in the main interface as follows:

SD card recovery

Step 2: Scan for lost files on SD Card

Choose the drive letter of your SD card and click “Scan” to search your deleted files on SD Card.

SD card data recovery

Step 3: Recover deleted files on SD Card

After the scan finished, you can preview all the found files and select the files you need with one click.

micro sd card data recovery

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