How to recover deleted files from CF Card on Mac and Windows

“How to recover deleted filesf from CF Card? OK, so here is my situation, and I am very disappointed and mad at myself. I accidently format my camera and then I  realized that all of my photos are gone. I am wondering what I can do Let me know if anyone has any suggestions       —— Answers Yahoo

CompactFlash (CF) card is a a mass storage device format used in portable electronic devices. It is popular and supported not only in many high end consumer devices, such as cameras, DSLRs, camcorders, music players, game devices, but in some professional applications as well.

You may delete your files from CF card for various reasons. However, you can still get them back with professional CF Card Data Recovery such as iSkysoft Data Reocvery for Mac which can fast and best recover deleted photos, videos, music and documents as well from CF Card.on Mac.

Tips: If you are a Windows user, you can turn to Data Recovery for Windows to recover deleted files from CF Card on Windows

Step by step to recover deleted files from CF Card on Mac

Step 1: Connect your CF Card to Mac

Run Data Recovery for Mac, and then choose “Lost Data Recovery”. This recovery mode will scan your files quickly and lets you recover photos and videos on CF card with their original filenames.

However, this mode sometimes fails. If so,you can also try “Raw Data Recovery” mode which will scan your CF card completely and recover all deleted photos and videos from CF card as long as they have not been erased by new files.

recover cf card on mac

Tips: If you’re recovering only photos or only videos, you can choose Image or Video from the Select File Type in Lost Data Recovery mode, or make restrictions by clicking the Filter Options in Raw Data Recovery mode.

Step 2: Select a drive and scan lost files

Choose the drive you need to recover files from and click “Scan” to scan existing files on the selected drive. If your drive is not included in the list, click “Refresh Drives” button to try.

recover cf card on mac

Step 3: Preview and recover deleted files on Mac

When the scan finishes, you will be able to preview found files so as to check whether your lost files are found or not. To recover lost photos and videos, check the boxes before a file or a folder and click “Recover”. In the window that appears, choose a folder you want and click “OK” to recover lost files from your CF card and save it ona safe place.

cf card recovery mac

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