How to burn music to DVD

“I want to learn how to burn music files to DVD? What is the best burning program to use ?I’ve read that up to 1000 mp3s can be burned onto a DVD. Is that correct? Will it play on my DVD Player?”     ——- Answers Yahoo

It is maybe not so difficult to burn music to DVD. But do you want to burn music to DVD directly so that you can play on your DVD player? Is there any way to do it? Yes, you can.

All you need is Music DVD Creator which can convert all types of video/audio files including CD and recorded music to DVD format, and burn to DVD easily.It allows you to make your own music DVD, complete with music, lyrics, photos, and background images.

Music DVD Creator can also record audio through Microphone or Line In Device and burn recorded music to DVD. You can record your own voice to create a special music DVD easily.

Besides, it also support PAL & NTSC TV modes, so that you can play the created DVD on any car or home DVD player.  With the features of “Letter Box” and “Pan & Scan” display mode selectable; 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio selectable you can enjoy your own DVD music both on your PC and standalone DVD player.


Step by step to make your own music with Music DVD Creator

Step 1: Start a new project

Run Music DVD Creator and choose “Create a new project file” to begin your task.


Tips: You ca nmanually  preset your project: name, theme, audio settings, video settings.

Step 2: Import music files

After custom your new project, click “OK” to go to “Edit” interface, where you can import your audio files in various formats that you want to burn to DVD. You can either click “Import File”  to choose the music files from hard drive, or click “Import CD” to load the files from your music CD directly, or you can click “Record” to record audio through Microphone or Line In Device and burn recorded music to DVD.


Step 3: Create music DVD or DVD folder

You can burn the music files into a DVD folder or a DVD disk. Click “Output” to select it in the drop-down list of “Output Type”.


Step 4: Burn music to DVD

Insert your DVD disc into your PC DVD drive, and then, click “Start” to begin burning music into DVD

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