Video watermark, how to add watermark to video

“How to add watermark to video? I need a software to add watermarks to video (all kinds of formats) without change in quality.Please tell a good software for this. Important,:there shouldn’t be any change in quality.”       —— Answers Yahoo

Many people like to upload their favourite videos to websites for sharing with people.or advertising their products with video. However, videos can be reused or copied by others with your permission.

To protect your videos from using by others, it is necessary to add watermark to your videos, such as add identity signature, ownership text, company logo and even geometry graphics on video files.

Here, it is advised to get Video Watermark, a professional program to add watermark (text/image/animated GIF) to video or add geometry graphics(rectangle/circle/line/arrow etc) to video. As batch process mode is supported, you can batch watermarking hundreds of videos at once.


Video Watermark is specially designed for:

YouTube users who upload original video files

Video website webmasters who offers different video files public

Video tutorials maker studio that makes video tutorials only for education

Movie websites which need protect original movie copyright

Family DV users who want to do some simple designs

All video recorders who want to protect their video copyright and do simple designs

Key Features of Video Watermark

Text Watermark: You can add text watermark to video with rich settings like opacity, rotate, scroll, font options etc, Besides, you can also insert copyright symbols C, R and TM to video.

Image Watermark: This watermarking software offers 200+ free watermark templates, you can add image watermark with rich settings, you can also add animated image watermark.

Shape watermark: You can also add some geometry graphics like arrow, line segment, curve, rectangle and round shape etc to video. There are also other common settings such as color, width, opacity and rotate etc.

Timeline: Video watermark has aspecial timeline editing function. You can control when the watermark disappears or appears by adding key points at random.

Special effect: You can add special effect to your videos including Brightness, Contrast, Mosaic, Old Film and more. You can give video clips a high-contrast appearance, an aged or old-fashioned look, a dreamy look, etc.

Video conversion: Besides adding watermark to your videos, Video Watermark can also help you convert between any popular videos such as AVI, WMV, MPG, MOV, MP4, FLV, 3GP, MKV, RMVB etc.


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