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How to convert OST to PST

“How to convert OST to PST? I have accidentally deleted an Email on Outlook and then realized that it is an ost file. The Email password has changed is there a way to convert the ost in a pst file since i am unable to re-add the mail since i do not know the password.”      —— Answers Yahoo

There are reasons that your OST files get corrupted, such corruptions in OST file badly effect on their OST file & never allow them to read offline stored data Don’t worry, with some professional third-party program you can easily repair OST files and save them as PST, EML and MSG files.

Here, you can turn to SysTools OST Recovery which can recover and convert inaccessible OST file to Outlook (PST)/EML/MSG file. With it, you can recover damages Outlook PST file, recover permanetly deleted data from OST files and preview & convert OST file like Emails, calendar, contacts, tasks, journals to PST/EML/MSG file and split resultant PST file by size into multiple parts.

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Manage, edit, create and share your favourite photos with Zoner Photo Studio

Do you need a powerful program for you to manage, eidt, create and share your favouirte photos? Then, you come to the right place. All of these can be easily realized with the versatile Zoner Photo Studio.

Zoner Photo Studio is perfect for anyone who works with photos, beginner, amateur or advanced photographers. With it, you can easily import, manage, organize, view, edit, and share photos and images to you heart’s content.

From upload to comptuer, to organize and sort. From basic through advanced edit and retouch, From save, to share with family and friends. All these functions package into this magic Zone Photo Studio.

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DreamStream, stream HD media content from computer to HD TV without Internet browser

Google Chromecast provides a smallest, cheapest, simplest way for people to enjoy online video and music on their TVs. It is a digital media player developed by Google. a 2.83-inch HDMI dongle which can play audio/video content on a HD TV by directly streaming it via Wi-Fi from the Internet or a local network.

Chromcast connects to the Internet through a Wi-Fi connection to the user’s home network. It offers two way to stream media content to a television. Users select the media to play using Chromecast-enabled mobile apps and Web apps, or through a beta feature called “tab casting” that can mirror most content from the web browser Google Chrome running on their personal computer.

However, David Pogue of The New York Times also noticed the limitations of the device’s screen mirroring feature and said using only mobile devices as a remote control was not “especially graceful”. And also, you need to connect your Internet in order to stram your media content to your TV with Chromecast. It can’t play local media.

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Video watermark, how to add watermark to video

“How to add watermark to video? I need a software to add watermarks to video (all kinds of formats) without change in quality.Please tell a good software for this. Important,:there shouldn’t be any change in quality.”       —— Answers Yahoo

Many people like to upload their favourite videos to websites for sharing with people.or advertising their products with video. However, videos can be reused or copied by others with your permission.

To protect your videos from using by others, it is necessary to add watermark to your videos, such as add identity signature, ownership text, company logo and even geometry graphics on video files.

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Easy Photo Watermark, how to add a watermark to photos

“How to add a watermark to photos? I need an app to watermark my photos, but I need one that doesn’t reduce the image quality and also can watermark a batch. Can anyone suggest one for me? Thank you.”      —— Answers Yahoo

When you post photos online, you never know what will happen, someone may copy and republish your artwork for any purposes without your permission.In fact, photos can be protected through copyrights, a most commonly used way is to to add watermark to photos.

A watermark can not only protect your images from unauthorized copying and use, but also it is a great way to brand your photos so that others can recognize them as your work. To add watermark to photos, you need to get a Photo Watermark. Here, you can turn to PearlMountain Photo Watermark.

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Computer monitoring software, track and monitor your computer activities

“Is there any type of software that can monitor your PC to where you can view what activity has been going on? I leave my PC on at all times. Somtime’s when I wake in the mornings. It seem’s like somthing has changed. I am just trying to find out if my computer has been hacked. Is there anyting out there that can do that? Thank You.”      —— Answers Yahoo

Do you need to do what your child or spouse is doing on the Internet? Who are they talking? What websites are they visiting? Do you need to know whether your employees are working as they should be or just wasting time? Do you need to know if there is any potential risk to your computer?

Don’t worry, these problems can be easily solved with the SpyAgent, powerful computer monitoring software which can monitor everything users do on your computer - in total stealth.

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How to quickly and automatically submit RSS feeds to dozens of directories and search engines

“How can I submit my RSS feed? I am not a developer anyway. I creat RSS feed for my website. I want to get exposure for it. I learned that submitting RSS feeds is a great way to do this. I submit my RSS feed to Yahoo and Google, but I dont know where else should I submit?”     —– Answers Yahoo

Tired of the long and tedious process of submitting your RSS feeds? Want a quick and easy way to propogate your RSS Feed across the Internet? Due to the recent marketing trends and better content delivery over E-mail,submitting an RSS feed to various RSS directories and search engines becomes an important part of any promotion campaign.

Instead of maunally submiting RSS feeds to various RSS directories and search engines, there is an easy way to help you fastly and automatically submit your RSS feed to most of existing RSS directories and popular search engines with RSS Submit.

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Image Resizer, enlarge images without quality loss

“Which is the best software for resizing pictures without losing the quality? Please help, I need to know which software is best to use to resize photos without losing picture quality. I need to make a small picture real big to use to put on a race car trailer as a wrap.”     —— Answers Yahoo

People who want to enlarge images have the three main reasons: for converting a digital photo for an enlarged hard print, for flipping a photo from vertical to horizontal and streching it and for making an obscure image area more clear.

As any guy who has dabbled with graphic tools will tell you, enlarging a raster or bitmapped image from its natural size results in blurring and fuzziness. In general, a loss in quality. Is there any software to enlarge pictures without quality loss?

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Screen Capture for Mac, how to capture screen on Mac

“How can I capture screen on Mac? I have a Mac laptop and I want to know if there is a way to screen capture from it? Thank you!”     —– Answers Yahoo

There are many articles on the websites talking about how to capture screen on Mac, such as press Command+Shift+4 to capture a portion of the screen, press Command+Shift+3 to capture the entire screen. However, is there any simple way to capture screen edit screenshot in more ways?

Lucily, you can use OndeSoft Screen Capture for Mac which is a professional and powerful screen grabbing utility running on Mac OS.With it, you can easily capture any part on your Mac desktop such as a region, full screen, windows from any webpage or application and so on.

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Easy Photo Editor, resize, crop, rotate, flip and enhance photos

“How to resize pictures? Hi, I have pictures on my comp that i would like to put up as avatars, but they are too big for some forum’s maximum size. Is there any program i can download which resizes them please”    —– Answers Yahoo

Many people are looking for a versatile Photo Editor to resize, crop, rotate, flip or enhance photos. Some of them turn to free online photo editor, however they may find these program don’t have some editing functions they need.Therefore, to edit pictures all aspects, you’d better get a professional Photo Editor.

Lucily enough, you can turn to BlazePhoto which is a versatile Photo Editor for you to manage, edit, share, and view your pictures from your PC hard driver or other portable devices.

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